Send messages to India for Sms marketing or advertising through bulk sms. We offer bulk sms gateway for sending sms .Send SMS from internet from your computer or pc to cell phone. Our bulksms solutions are used by many corporates, inventory brockers, economical institutes etc who requires instant delivery from our sms server utilizing our bulk sms software. We are the company of premium high priority SMS service.

Online marketing is a aspect of new media that is gradually taking over the print and broadcast advertising. Its full prospective is yet to be utilized. However, SMS marketing is increasing at an tremendous speed. Today, the number of small businesses who process bulk SMS marketing has nearly doubled compared to what it was a few years back. Companies have noticed various benefits offered by SMS marketing. SMS marketing is one of the most versatile ways of advertising. Using this publicity tool, you can advertise at no matter what time and day you want which you feel is perfect for your targeted audience.

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Characteristics of software:-

1.Handle your Address Book / Phone Book.
2.Control group of users.
3.You will send message immediately to any specific user or to a specific group.
4.You can program the system to send messages on a specific date and time to individuals or groups.
5.You can program once and can send persistent message, for example once set, message can go to each year on birthday of your friend or to your partner.
6.We will also offer API for integration with your own apps.

This SMS System is not only for individual use, but this is also very efficient business resource to send immediate notification to you clients.This system is actually useful for Retailers, Agents,Schools,Doctors and hospitals, Banks Tour/Travel companies, hosting and other service provider organizations We have many merchants & large amount customers who are pleased with our services & regularly come to us.

Key Features-:

1. Bulk sms are provided from several gateways.
2. Multiple redirecting & load balance at our gateway route.
3. Can provide customizable rate as per the volume purchase.
4. We provide unequaled service & support in the industry.
5. Cheaper, Quicker & Immediate Results.
6. Priority sms gateways/routes for immediate delivery.
7. Routing of promotional/marketing messages with purifying registered users of registry.
8. Free National Do Not Call pc registry filter for promotional / marketing sms.
9. Free private brand website & software with manageable sub users for merchants.
10. Unbranded software for merchants to buy & sell sms without any financial commitment.
11. Low Price with high volumes & finest services in the industry.